kara dooley: A Journey of Excellence

kara dooley

Kara Dooley, a name that resonates, is not just a person but a force of inspiration. This article delves into the life, achievements, and impact of Kara Dooley, highlighting the essence that makes her a notable figure.

Who is Kara Dooley?

Kara Dooley is the spouse of Gregory Walter Olsen, an American football sportscaster, and a former tight end who played for 14 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He was chosen by the Chicago Bears in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft, having showcased his talents in college football for the University of Miami.

Kara Dooley: Bio Summary

Full nameKara Doole
Date of birthSeptember 29, 1985
Age38 years old
Place of birthNorth Carolina, United States
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight60 kg
EducationUniversity of Miami
Famous asGreg Olsen’s wife
ParentJohn Dooley, Deborah Dooley
SpouseGreg Olsen (married in 2009)
SiblingsKristen Dooley
ChildrenTate Christian Olsen, Talbot, and T.J. Olsen
Net worthUnknown


Kara Dooley entered the world on September 29, 1985, in North Carolina, United States, as the daughter of John and Deborah Dooley. As an American of Caucasian ethnicity, Kara gained prominence through her marriage to the former tight end and American football sportscaster, Gregory Olsen.


As of now, Kara Dooley is 38 years old, born on September 29, 1985.


Kara Dooley pursued her education at the esteemed University of Miami, earning a Bachelor’s degree. Post her academic journey, she dedicated her efforts to the Greg Olsen Foundation, overseeing various charitable initiatives. This allowed her to actively contribute to philanthropic endeavors following her education.

kara dooley


1. Kara Dooley: Social Worker and Philanthropist

Kara Dooley has dedicated her career to social work and philanthropy. Notably, she leads The Heartest Yard Foundation, an organization committed to assisting young patients grappling with cardiovascular conditions. Post her graduation from the University of Miami, Kara ventured into the realm of private real estate firms.

Gregory Olsen: A Football Sportscaster and Former Tight End

Born on March 11, 1985, in Paterson, New Jersey, Gregory Olsen is recognized for his roles as an American football sportscaster and a former tight end. The Chicago Bears selected him in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft following his stellar college football career at the University of Miami.

Greg Olsen’s impact expanded beyond the Bears; he also played for the Carolina Panthers, achieving three Pro Bowl selections. Notably, he secured the distinction of being the first tight end in NFL history to amass at least 1,000 receiving yards in three consecutive seasons. Olsen concluded his football career with the Seattle Seahawks in 2020.

kara dooley

Raised in Wayne, New Jersey, Greg attended Wayne Hills High School, where his father, Chris Olsen Sr., coached him in basketball and football. His high school achievements include being a finalist for the Gatorade Player of the Year award and impressive stats such as 27 touchdowns, 1,474 yards, and 73 receptions. Greg Olsen’s journey also included participation in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in 2003.

With a five-star rating by Rivals.com, Greg was hailed as the No. 2 tight end prospect in the country and the No. 2 prospect in New Jersey in 2003.

Kara Dooley’s Married Life:

Greg Olsen’s personal life intertwines with his professional success. His love story with Kara Dooley began at the University of Miami, where they were both first-year students. The initial meeting left a lasting impression on Greg, who vividly remembers their encounter when Kara was 17 and he was 18.

After several years of a flourishing relationship, Greg and Kara tied the knot on March 21, 2009, at the ages of 24 and 23, respectively. Despite the surprise at their youthfulness, the couple cherishes the fact that they’ve spent their entire adult lives together.

Their marital journey expanded with the arrival of three children: Tate Christian Olsen and twins Talbot and T.J. Olsen. The Olsen family continues to thrive, blending professional achievements with a fulfilling personal life.

Greg Olsen Children: Meet Tate Christian Olsen, Talbot, and T.J. Olsen

Greg Olsen and Kara Dooley’s family is adorned with the presence of three wonderful children: Tate Christian Olsen, Talbot, and T.J. Olsen.

Tate Christian Olsen:

Born in June 2011, Tate Christian Olsen, at the age of 12 in 2023, has already showcased his athletic prowess. Notably, Tate secured victory in the 2022 City Championship. Following in his father’s footsteps, Tate actively participates in football, proudly representing the South Charlotte Patriots.

Talbot and T.J. Olsen: The Twin Blessings

The Olsen family welcomed twins, Talbot (daughter) and T.J. (son), into their lives in October 2012.

Tragically, T.J. faced a challenging start as he was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare heart disease. However, overcoming adversity, T.J. underwent successful surgery on June 5, 2021, and currently enjoys excellent health. A budding baseball enthusiast, T.J. actively engages in various junior league contests, showcasing resilience and a love for sports.

Physical Attributes:

In terms of physical attributes, Kara Dooley stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches, with a weight of 60 kg.

Financial Standing:

While Kara Dooley’s estimated net worth remains undisclosed, her husband, Greg Olsen, boasts a net worth of $16 million, reflecting his successful career in football and subsequent ventures. The family’s journey is not only marked by athletic accomplishments but also resilience and triumph over challenges.


In conclusion, Kara Dooley’s journey is a tapestry of excellence, resilience, and positive impact. From her early days to the present, Kara has not only achieved greatness but has also inspired countless others. 

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