parker schnabel wife: A Journey of Love and Adventure

parker schnabel wife

Born in Haines, Alaska, on July 22, 1994, Parker Schnabel is not only an American gold explorer but also a reality television star featured on the popular TV series Gold Rush. When he’s not engaged in mining or filming for his reality show, Schnabel enjoys unwinding by exploring various parts of the world.

Beyond his gold mining pursuits, Schnabel maintains an active social life. One of his favorite pastimes involves spending quality time hunting alongside his father.

For fans curious about his personal life, questions often arise about whether Schnabel is married or in a relationship. To stay updated on the latest details about Parker Schnabel, keep reading for the most recent information.

In 2023, Parker Schnabel’s Romantic Connection:

Curious about Parker Schnabel’s relationship status in 2023? Well, the answer is clear—he does have a girlfriend. Recently, during a shooting episode of Gold Rush in Australia, Parker’s romantic life took an unexpected turn, introducing fans to his newfound love interest, Tyler Mahoney.

Tyler Mahoney, a fortunate blonde, joins the cast in the latest season of Gold Rush, exploring the abandoned mines of Australia alongside Parker Schnabel. Their connection didn’t just revolve around digging for gold nuggets; it blossomed into a genuine romance.

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Parker first encountered Tyler during his tour to Australia, and over time, their chemistry evolved into a meaningful relationship. What strengthens their bond is the shared passion for gold mining embedded in their family histories—Parker’s grandfather being a gold miner and Tyler hailing from a lineage of Australian gold prospectors.

The undeniable connection:

Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney goes beyond their quest for gold nuggets; it’s rooted in years of collective experience in the gold mining industry. This shared background creates a unique and powerful bond between the two.

To add to the intrigue, Tyler Mahoney shared a revealing photo on her Instagram, capturing the essence of their adventurous bond. In the snapshot, Tyler is seen stripped down, diligently inspecting the river for potential crocodiles—a testament to their shared adventures and the depth of their connection.

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As the latest chapter unfolds in Parker Schnabel’s romantic journey, fans can’t help but be captivated by the genuine and exciting love story that has emerged in the midst of gold mining expeditions and television stardom.


The effortless camaraderie between Parker and Tyler sparked speculation among fans, suggesting that Parker had indeed found a true Australian gold nugget in Tyler. Notably, Tyler has been a staunch defender of Parker against online trolls, showcasing the depth of their connection.

A moment captured on the Gold Rush trail further fueled fan discussions. In a photo shared by Tyler, Parker appeared to be the dirtiest among the crew, prompting a fan’s comment that Parker always seems to be covered in dirt.

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In response, Tyler swiftly clarified, explaining that such appearances are inherent to the nature of the gold mining process—digging around for gold inevitably leads to getting a bit dirty. This interaction highlighted Tyler’s loyalty and support for Parker, reinforcing the authenticity of their relationship.

Parker Schnabel’s Love Journey and Breakup with Ex-Girlfriend:

In the intricate tapestry of Parker Schnabel’s life, there exists a chapter marked by his separation from ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle. Despite his substantial net worth, Parker is no stranger to life’s challenges, having experienced the highs of love and the lows of losing someone dear.

During a candid interview with the Times publication, Schnabel shared that his early accumulation of millions came at a personal cost—the loss of love. Reflecting on this period, he stated, “My life has been pretty much work-dominated. I had a girlfriend for a couple of years. That didn’t work out.” Schnabel acknowledged Ashley’s positive qualities but revealed that their relationship hindered his strong work ethic, leading to the inevitable parting of ways.

Adding an intriguing twist to their love story, the Discovery Channel camera crew found themselves in a playful competition to capture the couple sharing kisses. The reward for the cameraman who successfully filmed the intimate moments was a bottle of fine whiskey.

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However, Ashley’s attempts to steal kisses from Parker hit a roadblock. Parker, aware of the scheme, made it increasingly challenging for the camera crew to catch them in such moments.

Following the breakup, Ashley took a decisive step by deleting all traces of Parker from her Instagram account, signaling that the relationship had reached an irreparable point. The complexities of love and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of success are vividly portrayed in Parker Schnabel’s journey through highs, lows, and the inevitable intersections of work and personal life.

Ashley Youle: Parker Schnabel’s Former Girlfriend

Ashley Youle, recognized as Parker Schnabel’s ex-girlfriend, made her mark in Season seven, episode twenty-five of the reality TV series Gold Rush. Beyond her role in the show, Ashley is a skilled veterinary nurse, seamlessly transitioning into the world of gold mining.

Ashley Youle: Parker Schnabel's Former Girlfriend

Professional Background: Ashley’s professional background as a veterinary nurse didn’t deter her from joining Parker’s team in the Klondike. Her hands-on approach and willingness to tackle the challenges of Parker’s profession showcased her versatility.

Parker’s Acknowledgment: In a conversation with the Times Publication, Parker Schnabel praised Ashley’s substantial contributions, stating, “Yes, Ashley was a huge help. I don’t think she gets quite enough credit for how well the summer went. She is great to be around, she is great for me, and she is just a really cool chick.”

Gold Rush Collaborations: Collaborating with Gold Rush team member Chris Doumett, Ashley infused vibrant energy into the group. Her diverse responsibilities included working closely with Chris Doumett on various tasks, notably the crucial role of cleaning millions of dollars worth of gold—a contribution credited to the team’s success.

Versatility and Adaptability: Ashley’s ability to seamlessly fit into different roles within the team showcased her adaptability. From hands-on tasks to driving tracks, Ashley proved her commitment to the team’s objectives.

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Controversies in the Yukon: However, Ashley’s appearance on the show stirred controversies with locals in the Yukon area. Accusations surfaced, alleging that she lacked proper documentation for mining work. Locals claimed Ashley held a tourist visa, questioning her right to engage in mine-related activities.



 Full Name

 Ashley Youle

 Known For

 Former girlfriend of Parker Schnabel, featured on Season  seven, episode twenty-five of Gold Rush


 Veterinary nurse

 Contribution to Gold Rush

 Active involvement in mining operations, including  cleaning gold and undertaking diverse tasks

 Appreciation from Parker

 Parker acknowledged Ashley’s significant help, emphasizing  her positive impact on the team and their success

 Work with Chris Doumett

 Collaborated with Gold Rush crew member Chris Doumett,  contributing dynamic energy and effective teamwork

 Versatility and Adaptability

 Showcased adaptability by handling different roles within  the team, including driving tracks

 Controversies in the Yukon

 Faced accusations from locals regarding improper  documentation, sparking debates about her work rights in mines

Parker Schnabel’s Dating Speculations: Past and Present

Following his separation from Ashley Youle, speculations about Parker Schnabel’s romantic life surfaced, linking him to a charming brunette named Sheena Cowell. The buzz intensified on August 13, 2018, when Parker shared an Instagram photo featuring himself and Sheena. In the image, Parker gazes straight ahead, while Sheena sits beside him, looking in his direction.

The Instagram community went into a frenzy, with fans hinting at Parker Schnabel having a new girlfriend. However, the photo, devoid of any caption, left more questions than answers, creating a sensation online.

As the speculation gained momentum, the excitement over Parker’s potential new romance dwindled. Gold Rush enthusiasts uncovered information revealing that Sheena was already in a committed relationship. A picture on Sheena’s Instagram, posted on July 15, showcased her and her boyfriend dressed elegantly for a wedding in Serbia, dispelling any notions of a romantic connection between her and Parker Schnabel.

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This episode of dating rumors provided a glimpse into the intrigue surrounding Parker Schnabel’s personal life, emphasizing the challenges of navigating public scrutiny amid speculation and uncertainty.

Clarifying Parker Schnabel’s Sexual Orientation:

Addressing rumors about Parker Schnabel’s sexual orientation, it is essential to note that he is not gay. Following his breakup with Ashley Youle, Parker experienced a period of being single. While the absence of a girlfriend during this time may have sparked speculations, there is no credible source to substantiate claims suggesting that Parker Schnabel is gay. It’s crucial to rely on accurate information and avoid making assumptions about one’s personal life without valid evidence.


In the world of Parker Schnabel, where gold is the ultimate treasure, his wife stands as the most precious gem. This article has attempted to unravel the layers of their relationship, providing a glimpse into the life and love they share.

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