That Which Flows By: Embracing Life’s Dynamic Rhythm

That Which Flows By

Did you hear about the cool Korean webcomic “That Which Flows”? If not, get ready for a fun find. This awesome fantasy story takes you to a magical world with a princess named Yeon. She’s got this mysterious power over energy, and you follow her through palace drama and meeting a cool magician who looks beyond her princess status.

You’ll be hooked, reading one after another, to see if Yeon can handle her powers and find love. With bright pictures, interesting characters, and a bit of humor, “That Which Flows” will grab your attention. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading, and say thanks later!

Overview of “That Which Flows” Manhwa:

“That Which Flows” is a well-loved Manhwa, a Korean manga series set in a fantasy world brimming with magic and adventure.

The Story That Which Flows By:

The narrative revolves around Yeon, a young water mage eager to sharpen his skills. Gifted with a natural talent for magic, particularly manipulating water, Yeon becomes part of the Gilde, a hub where those with magical abilities test their skills and embark on adventures.

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Teaming up with Lisesharte, a fiery mage with a short fuse, and Jueki, a grounded earth mage, they tackle guild quests, utilizing their elemental magic to assist the townsfolk.

Yeon, known for his caring and courageous nature, uses his water magic for both offense and healing. Lisesharte, feisty and stubborn, employs her fire magic for offense and defense. Jueki, calm and logical, manipulates the earth itself, creating barriers or trapping enemies.

That Which Flows By

The trio embarks on adventures, makes friends, and faces enemies threatening the kingdom. Fans of fantasy and adventure will find joy in following Yeon and friends on their quests in the enchanting world of “That Which Flows.” The vibrant art and endearing characters make this Manhwa a delightful read for all ages.

If you’re on the lookout for a captivating new series, “That Which Flows” is your ticket to a magical world filled with humor, heart, and, of course, enchanting escapades.

The Narrative and Central Characters of “That Which Flows”:

The tale centers around Yuri, a young girl endowed with the unique ability to perceive “lines of flow” around her, representing destiny and fate. Her power allows her to manipulate these lines, altering the futures of those around her. However, Yuri grapples with the ethical implications of changing destiny and frequently faces unforeseen consequences.

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Yuri, the primary character, is a high school girl born with the gift of seeing the lines of flow that encircle individuals, influencing their destinies. Despite her desire to use this ability for altruistic purposes, she struggles with the moral quandaries tied to manipulating fate.

Takahiro, Yuri’s childhood friend, often becomes the subject of her interventions to safeguard him. Unaware of Yuri’s unique ability, he deeply cares for her, but his own line of flow reveals a life fraught with misfortune.

That Which Flows By

The “Lines of Flow” symbolize a person’s destiny, visible only to Yuri as tangled multicolored strands surrounding an individual. Through manipulation, Yuri can alter someone’s future trajectory, for better or worse.

Yuri’s ability allows her to untangle, redirect, or even sever a person’s line of flow. However, with each alteration comes unforeseen consequences, prompting her to question the ethics of meddling with people’s fates, even with benevolent intentions.

Moral dilemmas lie at the core of the narrative. Yuri’s internal struggle revolves around her desire to aid those around her while grappling with the ethical quandaries of altering destiny. Each change sets off ripple effects, and Yuri must confront the unintended outcomes of her actions, leading her to question the very use of her extraordinary ability.

This supernatural coming-of-age story delves into themes of fate versus free will, the moral complexities of power, and the unintended repercussions of our choices. The narrative serves as a poignant exploration of how, even with the noblest intentions, manipulating destiny can exact a significant toll.

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Why Fans Adore “That Which Flows” Manhwa? 4 Pro Reasons!

Devotees of the thrilling Manhwa, That Which Flows, find several compelling reasons to love this series:

1. Captivating Story and Characters The narrative revolves around Mia, an apparently ordinary high school girl who stumbles upon mysterious powers linked to shadows. As she grapples with this newfound ability and contends with sinister forces aiming to exploit it for nefarious purposes, readers become deeply engrossed in Mia’s journey of self-discovery. Her intricate relationships with friends and foes alike add depth to the tale. Mia, a relatable and likable heroine, is complemented by well-developed side characters that enhance the narrative’s richness.

2. Dark and Edgy Tone The series embraces a dark, edgy tone that resonates with Manhwa enthusiasts. Shadow powers and formidable villains introduce a supernatural element while grounding the story in the challenges of everyday life. Readers appreciate following Mia as she confronts perilous threats and navigates moral ambiguity. The shadowy, stylized art style seamlessly aligns with this tone, creating a perfect visual atmosphere.

3. Action and Suspense “That Which Flows” maintains a brisk pace, delivering numerous action-packed fight scenes, thrilling chase sequences, and dramatic reveals that keep readers on the edge of their seats. The continual twists and turns in the plot, coupled with the ever-present threat of villains discovering Mia’s secret, build a palpable sense of suspense and danger. Each volume concludes with a cliffhanger, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next installment.

4. Appealing Art Style The art style of “That Which Flows” is dark, stylish, and harmonizes well with the story’s tone. Character designs are visually intriguing yet grounded in realism, while action sequences exhibit dynamism and fluidity. Small details, such as the use of screentone and special effects for Mia’s shadow powers, add an extra layer of polish to the artwork. The consistent high quality of the art throughout the series contributes to its visual appeal.

In summary, with its irresistible combination of an engaging story, complex characters, dark ambiance, action, suspense, and stunning art, it’s evident why “That Which Flows” has garnered such an enthusiastic fan following. This Manhwa offers something for nearly every reader to savor.

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Where to Access “That Which Flows” Online? 5 Easy Steps!

Discovering where to read “That Which Flows” online is a breeze with these top options:

1. Webtoon Webtoon stands as a popular comic hosting platform showcasing many Manhwa, including “That Which Flows.” You can access it for free on Webtoon, keeping up with the latest updates and chapters as the author releases them. For on-the-go reading, Webtoon also offers a downloadable app for your mobile device.

2. Mangakakalot Mangakakalot is another site catering to “That Which Flows” readers, hosting all available chapters for a binge-worthy catch-up. While the site has some ads, using an ad blocker is recommended. There’s also a mobile app called Manga Rock for convenient tracking and reading.

3. KissManga KissManga, a longstanding manga site, hosts “That Which Flows” and various other Manhwa and manga. It promptly updates with new chapters shortly after their release on Webtoon. Whether on desktop or mobile, KissManga provides a reliable source for your Manhwa fix, even if some chapters may load a bit slowly at times.

4. Mangasee123 For another option, Mangasee123 offers a clean layout without overwhelming ads. All available chapters of “That Which Flows” get uploaded quickly after release, ensuring minimal waiting time for the next installment. With mobile-friendly pages, reading on the go is a hassle-free experience.

5. In summary, you have several excellent options to discover and follow “That Which Flows” across Webtoon, Mangakakalot, KissManga, and Mangasee123. These platforms grant access to all released chapters and keep you in the loop with timely updates. Happy reading!

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When to Expect “That Which Flows” Season 2

As eager fans await news about “That Which Flows” Season 2, an official announcement regarding the premiere date is still pending. However, drawing insights from the previous season’s production schedule, an educated guess suggests a release around the same time in 2022, considering Season 1 aired from April to June 2021 with 12 episodes.

When to Expect "That Which Flows" Season 2

Several factors influence the timeline:

Production Process: Animated shows, especially those with high-quality animation like “That Which Flows,” demand a meticulous and time-consuming production process.

Manga Source Material: The availability of sufficient unadapted chapters from the manga is crucial. As of early 2022, a few chapters remain, with the manga releasing a new chapter every week.

Scheduling Talent: Coordinating voice actors, music composers, and other talents requires careful planning and time.

Promotion and Marketing: Expect a buildup in promotion and marketing in the months leading to the premiere, including trailers, teasers, character reveals, and social media hints.

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While anticipating an official announcement, fans can rewatch Season 1, delve into the manga for potential story developments, or explore fan theories about Season 2. The passionate fanbase ensures the wait for new episodes is worthwhile.


With the rundown on the beloved Korean webtoon “That Which Flows,” you’re now well-equipped with knowledge about its characters, story, and universe. It’s time to plunge into this epic fantasy series, filled with beautiful art, intricate storytelling, and relatable characters.

Whether you’re a seasoned genre enthusiast or a newcomer, “That Which Flows” promises to transport you to a world of magic and adventure. Don’t hesitate—immerse yourself in the hype and let the story sweep you away. You’re in for an imaginative and captivating journey. Happy reading!

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